New Album Land Of Discordia [14.Dec.2009]
New Album "Land of Discordia" ORDER NOW!! $10 USA / $14 WorldORDER NOW!! $10 USA / $14 World

MATTER "LAND OF DISCORDIA" SMK-16Italian duo Matter have returned with a new 18 track CD nearly 80:00 long packed full of top-quality harsh Rhythmic Noise tracks along with a few Ambient/Drone songs. Having previous releases on the Le Petit Machiniste label as well as others & the soundtrack music for the film "Nowhere Forest", SMK is very proud to release Land Of Discordia! Limited to 50 units.

NOWHERE FOREST DVD Out Now! [ 3.Oct.2009]


soundscape: MATTER
Format:DVD limited edition
date: 9.2009
production: Mastofabbro

The new Zerofeedback release, a Mastofabbro production

The meeting between Matter and Pier Paolo Patti was born to create rarefied and evanescent, explorations. Nowhere forest accompanies the recipient in intimate and endless spaces, the combination among sounds and images becomes hypnotic, almost a sensorial experience.The performance is made up of visual details and sound effects, imperceptible borders; the purpose of the project is to create estranging and oneiric atmospheres, a sort of "parallel" space in which each of us risks to get lost.

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Lpm gallery [ 8.Sep.2009]

4 years of D.I.Y LPM nigth [19.Jul.2009]

New release coming in december!!! [21.Nov.2008]
A brand new cd-r release coming in december for Dusseldorf industrial label “Le Petite Machiniste”.

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