Label: Ant-Zen ‎– dig078
Format: Digital, Album

Behavioural futures markets
Experential realities

Matter is fabrizio matrone from bologna / italy who has releases on international labels like kvitnu, subsidence, black chrysalis archive, le petit machiniste, soviet media kontrol and ant-zen. matter is focused on industrial electronics, rhythmic techno walls and deep, dirty analogue soundscapes. matter provides an unrelenting technoid hypnosis, always containing subtle changes and dots of ambiance to keep maximum tension and variety at the highest level.

The concept of the album raw material is deeply influenced by shoshana zuboff's book 'the age of surveillance capitalism. the fight for the future at the new frontier of power', which is about the development of big digital companies. the so-called 'surveillance capitalism' is an unprecedented form of capitalism accumulation - never seen before in human history - that uses the human experience as free raw material and translates it into behavioural data.

released 07 Sep 2021
Music by Fabrizio Matrone.
Mastered by Philip Münch.
Artwork by Stefan Alt