MATTER BIORHEXISTASY vinyl LP + Digital Out Now! [ 7.Apr.2013]
MATTER SOLID STATE - new Kvitnu release! [ 5.Jul.2012]

Solid State is a daily alienation experienced as an escape in search of identity. Constant urban noise makes a bits' cacophony of the metropolis, that intersects the electricity of sound. Cement and steel buildings in right corners are deep down the underground in an asynchronous alternating geometry and they penetrate mind's distortions that are inevitably directed towards the point of no return.

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Illachime quartet new album! Heart of Darkness rmx by Matter [19.Jun.2012]
SALES, nuovo lavoro dell'Illāchime Quartet, la band partenopea attiva ormai dal 2002. Nel corso di questi dieci anni, la musica dell'ensemble ha sollecitato pių volte l'immaginazione di altri musicisti, di varia provenienza e appartenenza stilistica: i risultati di questo interesse sono stati raccolti in SALES che, oltre a un inedito della band, contiene undici remix, o meglio, undici punti di vista intorno alla musica dell'Illachime Quartet.Featuring, Matter , Emanuele Errante , Philippe Petit , Rhys Chatam , Schneider Tm , Graham Lewis and many others
Three years after I'm normal, my heart still works, comes SALES, the new release by Illāchime Quartet: the Italian ensemble that has collaborated with Mark Stewart, Rhys Chatham, Graham Lewis and many other avantgarde artists. In many cases throughout the past few years, the music of Illachime Quartet has stimulated the imagination of several musicians who belong to diverse musical spheres: the results of these interests has been collected in SALES. The album contains eleven remixes, or rather different points of view, of the music of the Illachime Quartet, as well as a previously unreleased composition.Featuring, Matter , Emanuele Errante , Philippe Petit , Rhys Chatam , Schneider Tm , Graham Lewis and many others
brand new album Scanning Memory coming soon! [ 9.Aug.2011]

After almost 2 years since the "Land of Discordia" album, MATTER return with a brand new release, "Scanning Memory". The album contains thirteen tracks with different styles of electronic music to discover ranging from the nineties up to the present and which took a certain influence to the actual sound MATTER is presenting with this cd. Droning reverbs and delays which are significant for the entire sound production of MATTER and cold pulsing synth lines building the dark background for huge rhythmic walls. Deep, dirty and epic analogue soundscapes will blow your mind. This new release in the full ‘Matter’ style shows the full range of their musical skills, while this time the focus is set on rhythmic structures.

Heidseck\'s FMCH out now! [22.Jan.2011]

Heidseck č un progetto di Fabrizio Matrone (Matter, Base Surge, fmchloroform). FMCH čuna composizione caratterizzata da cinque tracce di field recording coniugate con drone di ambient dal gusto industriale e da interventi di manipolazione elettronica del suono.

Heidseck is a project by Fabrizio Matrone (Matter, Base Surge, fmchloroform). FMCH is composed by five tracks of field recordings and ambient drone music with hard electronics manipulations.


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